Blended Rate Calculator

A lot of people have a low-interest rate for their mortgage, BUT they’re carrying other high-interest-rate debts such as HELOCs in the 8-11% range or credit cards in the 15-25% range.

You might be wondering…Should I consolidate my debt?

Using the calculator below can help you with that decision.

  1. To determine your amount of equity subtract the amount you owe on your home from your home’s value.
  2. Use the Blended Rate Calculator to add up your total debt, total monthly payments, and your blended interest rate. Name your debts to keep track, such as "mortgage," "car loan," "student loan," "Chase card," "HELOC," etc.
  3. Then use the Mortgage Calculator take the total debt and make that your Loan Amount (skip the purchase price and downpayment).

You can compare your total debt to your one mortgage payment.

Calculate Your Blended Rate

Take the "Total Debt" and enter it into the box below. Then, enter property tax and insurance to calculate if a refinance would help you.

Mortgage Calculator